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The Lexington

One of the most exclusive luxury dining yachts in NYC. The Lexington more than exudes class and sophistication, it defines it. Aboard this quaint, double-decker beauty of a boat lies a lavish interior coupled with top-tier service and amenities. Keep reading to find out more about what this incredible vessel has to offer.

The Lexington Yacht

From the moment you step aboard The Lexington, you’ll be astonished by the intricate interior design this vessel boasts within it’s two climate-controlled decks. The mahogany wood finishing a spread across this incredible boat add esteem and give an aesthetic that just screams high-class from the stairwell, to the bar, to the two dancefloors.

Couple that with tasteful furnishing and custom LED lighting, and it becomes clear that each design choice was picked to complement each other. But it’s not all fancy dinners and wood finishings. This yacht also comes with a stellar sound system. And even the bathrooms aboard The Lexington Yacht are something to see. You heard right, even the bathrooms on this yacht are impressive. And if that wasn’t enough, each deck offers a small aft area where you can get some fresh air with your incredible views of NYC.

Scroll down and take a look at the amazing events we have aboard this extremely lavish yacht.

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The Lexington Events

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019
8:30PM - 1:00AM

New Years Eve Yacht Cruise 2020 Aboard The Lexington Yacht

The Lexington | New York

Dec 31st, find yourself aboard The Lexington Yacht at The Admiral’s Ball and experience fine dining, premium refreshments, great music, and a truly incredible view of the...

Starting at $ 319.00Age: 21+