The Atlantis Yacht

The Atlantis Yacht

The Atlantis Yacht is a 147 ft. private yacht charter that can accommodate up to 300 guests with up to 225 guests being seated on one deck. This yacht is one of the newest and most luxurious yacht charters in the New York harbor. The Atlantis Yacht has three decks with two being fully enclosed. The first deck houses the formal dining salon and dance floor with access to the outer decks at the bow and stern. Take a walk up the grand staircase and enjoy the next level with a large bar area and lounge. This deck also has a luxurious bridal suite, perfect for a wedding cruise. The third deck of the cruise is an open-air deck perfect for catching the best views of New York City as you sail.

The Atlantis Yacht appeals to all of its guest’s senses. From the views of the city to the entertainment on board, there’s definitely nothing missing when you set sail on this great yacht! Make your night out in NYC one to remember when you set sail on the beautiful Atlantis Yacht.

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