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About NYCNewYearsEve:

We are committed to giving you the top New Year’s Eve celebrations and events that you could attend in New York City. NYCNewYearsEve is your guide to the best and most affordable New Year’s Eve plans in NYC. Here on our site, you will find all of the best plans to pick from for your New Year’s night. From rooftop parties to party cruises on the Hudson River, we will have you covered for your night. Your NYC New Year’s Eve celebration is going to be an unforgettable experience.

NYC New Year’s Eve Cruises:

Our site specializes in NYC New Year’s Eve parties, but specifically, New Year’s Eve party cruises. The cruises that you will find on our site will be the best that are setting sail in NYC. Our cruises give you an experience that is like no other. While you sail around on our cruise, you will enjoy a great tour of NYC. Celebrate your NYC New Year’s Eve night with views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and much more!


All of the cruises that our parties are hosted on are multileveled cruises with both inner and outer decks. Each cruise will also have a live DJ on board for you to enjoy music as well as bars. Grab drinks, hear the year’s top music, and let us treat you to a great party.

NYC New Year’s Eve Parties:

Not only do we offer the best party cruises, but we also host New Year’s Eve parties. Our parties take place in the best venues that NYC has to offer. Whether you want to celebrate your night on a rooftop or at a nightclub, we will be hosting there. Our parties range from family-friendly to 21+ giving you many options to pick from. The parties that we host will all offer to you the same amazing experience!

For More Information:

Don’t let yourself miss out on the best NYC New Year’s Eve plans that you could find. Only our site offers the best parties complete with everything that you need and at a great price. Make sure to keep checking out our site, as we will add more New Year’s Eve events, as they are booked. To purchase tickets to the events that we currently offer, click here.